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Table Inventory - Landry's Furniture Barn Inc in Sandford, Maine
Landry's Furniture Barn Inc. has been selling fine furniture in the York County community since the 1940's. The business started as Landry's Furniture Company, a furniture and appliance store on Jackson Street, behind Stanford's House of Pizza. The store was owned by Rene Landry until his death in the 1960's.

As an integral part of the community, the store thrived throughout the 60's and early 70's. In 1973, new owner, nephew Bob Landry, envisioned a larger space, packed to the gills with both used and new furniture.
As a result, in 1974, Bob Landry's Furniture Barn Inc. opened on the corner of Main Street and Breary Avenue, two miles down the road. Although the original store closed its doors, it still quietly serves as the warehouse for its big brother.
Bob Landry ran the store with the idea that buying furniture should be a wheeling and dealing enterprise. When customers left feeling like they had gotten a great deal, he knew he had been successful.

Bob hired his cousin, Rick Landry, as his general manager. As the years wore on, Rick became the day-to-day operator of the store, and in 1993, after Bob's death, Rick took over the business he had managed for 20 years.

Today, Landry's Furniture Barn Inc. is a giant markdown showroom of quality, new furniture, shying away from the sale of used furniture. The store employs a crew of seven full- and part-time employees and utilizes two delivery vehicles.

A commitment to serving the community is at our very core, as it has always been. The service, rather than the sale, is what matters to our family. We make sure that customers always leave with smiles on their faces, confident in their furniture purchases.

Rick Landry now runs the store, with the help of his son Kyle and repairman, Tom LeBlanc. They look forward to serving their community for many years to come.